Tyron Spearman peanut hall fame inducted

TYRON SPEARMAN has been inducted into the American Peanut Council Hall of Fame.

Tyron Spearman inducted into Peanut Hall of Fame

• The American Peanut Council has added Tyron Spearman and Jack Chastain to Hall of Honor. • Georgia peanut marketing expert Tyron Spearman has been named to Peanut Hall of Fame. • Hall of Fame inductees attain American Peanut Council's highest award.

Tyron Spearman, editor of the Peanut Farm Market News and executive director of the National Peanut Buying Points Association, has been inducted into the American Peanut Council's Peanut Hall of Fame.  

 Spearman was surprised with the award at the recent USA Peanut Congress held in Florida. This is the highest honor presented in the American peanut industry.

Joe West of McCleskey Mills, chairman-elect of the American Peanut Council said in making the presentation, "Tyron Spearman is probably best known as editor of the Peanut Farm Market News, a three times weekly newsletter on peanut markets (usually the hottest news in the peanut industry) and marketing editor of the Peanut Grower Magazine, mailed to over 8,000 peanut farmers." 

Spearman is president of the Spearman Marketing and Advertising Agency, which coordinates marketing budgets and programs for agricultural chemicals, associations, auctions, museums and festivals and events in the Southeast. He is also on the radio with the Southeast Ag Net Farm News, with updates on the peanut market.  He is the executive director of the National Peanut Buying Points Association, formerly the Southern Peanut Warehouseman’s Association. 

Spearman is also the coordinator for the Tifton-Tift County Tourism Association and the director of the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Agriculture.  

Spearman has a long history in the peanut industry. He served 10 years as executive secretary of the Georgia Peanut Commission and helped initiate the American Peanut Council’s export promotion program back in 1978. Tyron has visited more than 12 countries promoting peanuts and is a two-time chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Peanut Council.

West said, "Tyron has certainly done a lot and contributed a lot to the U.S. peanut industry, but I think his biggest accomplishment is his never-ending optimism and love of our industry.  He never stops promoting peanuts wherever he goes and what would this industry do without his emcee skills, booming voice and infectious optimism about peanuts and the potential of our industry."

The council also honored Jack Chastain of Doster Warehouse in Rochelle with the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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