Photos: Tim McMillan is Peanut Profitability Award winner for lower Southeast region

Tim McMillan and his brother Steve are seventh generation farmers in south Georgia’s Berrien County. Farming since 1983, McMillan says 2012 was the most perfect year he has seen for peanut production. This past year, his dryland peanuts yields were 5,732 pounds per acre while his irrigated peanuts yielded 5,991 pounds, an almost unheard-of balance considering recent drought years in the region. “We are on a three-year rotation. Mostly, it’s two years of cotton and then peanuts. Sometimes, we’ll throw corn in the mix, depending on prices,” says McMillan. In addition to peanuts, cotton and corn, Southern Grace Farms also produces you-pick strawberries, blackberries, nectarines and peaches.

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