(Gallery) For Brian McClam, success is good help, advisors and family

For Brian McClam, the Farm Press 2015 Peanut Profitability Award winner for the Upper Southeast, timeliness plays a key role in his success.

McClam, who farms near Kingstree, S.C., says timelines is important for planting and herbicide application, but it is particularly critical  for spraying fungicides. The other key is picking the right variety, and he credits the cultivar Bailey for much of his success in peanuts.

Bailey is the only variety he has grown on his farm the past two years because he says it works well for him in both yield and quality. “Bailey is resistant to a lot of disease that is present here in our area. It’s been a blessing,” McClam says

In winning the Peanut Profitability Award, McClam was recognized for the quality of the crop he produces. He says the key to achieving quality is waiting until the peanuts are mature before they are harvested, a lesson that took some learning. He uses the pod blasting method to determine maturity.

The seventh generation farmer credits good help, his advisers and his family for helping him win this year’s Peanut Profitability Award for the Upper Southeast. Both  McClam’s  grandfather and  father farmed in Williamsburg County and his two  uncles continue to farm there. McClam says his father, who has retired from farming, now helps him and provides much needed advice.

“This award is for everybody who his involved with me, not just me. And the good Lord. I don’t want to forget Him. He’s been very good to me too,” McClam says. 

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