Conditions good for white mold in peanuts

We have nearly perfect conditions now for white mold to blow up on us — high humidity, rain, full canopy, etc.

Neighboring counties of Irwin and Berrien have reported an explosion of white mold.

Now the question is, what do we do about it? Here are some suggestions where white mold is a real problem in the field:

• Spraying fungicides for white mold control at night will help.

• Increasing your spray volume to help move product down the plant may help.

• Timing application before a rain or an irrigation event (preferably allowing about eight hours of drying time...) may help.

• If using Provost, increasing rate from 8 to 10.7 fluid ounces per acre may help.

• If using Artisan or Convoy, increasing the two-application program rate to 32 and 26 ounces, respectively, may help In a four-block program, consider using 16 ounces of Artisan plus 1 pint per acre chlorothalonil or 13 ounces Convoy plus 1.5 pint per acre chlorothalonil.

• If you are experiencing problems controlling white mold and are using something other than Artisan, Convoy or Provost, you might consider trying one of these products at the high rate.

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