Peanut yield winners honored

Peanut farmers Wade Byrd and Sammy Cox took top yield honors at the 2000 Champions' Night Out sponsored by Bayer and BASF in Norfolk, Va.

Byrd, who farms with his son in Bladen County, N.C., averaged 5,504 pounds per acre on 142 acres during the 2000 season.

Cox, who farms with his father Melvin, also won top honors last year. The Surry County, Va., producer had average yields of 5,160 pounds on 61 acres.

Cox and Byrd were among the top peanut producers honored by Bayer and BASF at the Champions' Night Out aboard the Spirit of Norfolk.

The top two yielding farmers in the 14 peanut producing counties in North Carolina and the eight Virginia peanut-producing counties, along with their county agents, spouses and guests, were honored at a banquet and awards program aboard the Spirit of Norfolk.

The county champions from North Carolina and Virginia follow:

North Carolina:

Bertie: Ward Farms, Rickie Leggett; Billy Griffin, county agent

Blade: Byrd Field Farms, Wade Byrd; Michael Shaw, county agent

Chowan: Neal Bass; Mike Williams, county agent

Columbus: Bernard Lennon; Michael Shaw, county agent

Edgecombe: Edwin G. Stokes, Jr.; James Pearce, county agent

Gates: Dennis Trotman; Paul Smith, county agent

Halifax: Warren Brothers; Arthur Whitehead, county agent

Hertford: Sumner Farms, Charlie Sumner, Byron Simonds, county agent

Martin: Ben Sheppard Cowin; Al Cochran, county agent

Nash: Billy and BoBo Jones; Charlie Tyson, county agent

Perquimans: Choice Acres Farm, Shae Nixon, Michael Stallings; Lewis Smith, county agent

Pitt: ABM Partnership, Aubrey Wynne; Sam Uzzell, county agent

Washington: Kendricks Creek Farms; Frank Winslow, county agent


Dinwiddie: Robert Perkins; Mike Parrish, county agent

Greensville: Glenn Moore; Rebecca Barnes, county agent

Isle of Wight: David N. Horton; Robert Goerger, county agent

Prince George: Billy Dickens and Stanley Lipchak; Glen Chappell, county agent

Suffolk: Lawrence Goodman; Cliff Slade, county agent

Surry: Cox Farms, Sammy Cox; Rex Cotton, county agent

Sussex: H. Collier Presson Jr.; Kelvin Wells, county agent.

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