North Carolina freeze damage being tabulated

Larry Wooten, president of the North Carolina Farm Bureau, says reports of damage to North Carolina crops are still being tabulated, but probably won’t be fully known until crops are harvested.

Among the estimates of damage are $98 million to the state’s fruit and nut industry.

Mountain apple production, valued at $19.8 million annually, appears to have taken a large hit from the widespread freeze. Blueberry crops in the state's Coastal Plains region also appear to have significant losses and peach production in the Sandhills area will have lower yields this summer due to freeze damage.

North Carolina's grape industry, including grapes grown in the Yadkin Valley and elsewhere in western North Carolina, is reporting plant damage.

Muscadine grape vines exposed to the freeze are expected to re-flower, but some young pecan trees could end up taking a loss as damage figures are compiled.

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