North Carolina announces top soybean yields for 2003

C&H Grain of Iredell County took top honors in the 2003 North Carolina Soybean Yield Contest. The Iredell County farm accepted the honors for a yield of 72.9 bushels per acre at the annual Joint Soybean, Corn and Small Grains Conference held in New Bern, N.C., in January.

Yields in the contest ranged from the top of 72.9 to 30.6 bushels, says Jim Dunphy, North Carolina State University Extension soybean specialist.

C&H Grain used DP 4690 RR at 52 pounds of seed on 7.5-inch rows.

Everette Medlin of Union County followed closely behind at 71.4 bushels per acre. He grew V47N3RR at 50 pounds of seed on 15-inch rows.

Ray Rogerson of Pasquotank County had the next two top yields of 65.1 bushels and 63.2 bushels respectively.

Wood Farm of Cherokee County had a yield of 63.2 bushels. Jamie Elliott of Randolph County had 62.9 bushels; Phillip McLain, 62 bushels; Charles Gray and Sons had 61.2 bushels; and Henry Walker of Iredell County, 60.2.

Others in the yield contest included:

Johnny Moore, Rowan County, 57.2 bushels.

Ray Rogerson, Pasquotank County, 55.9 bushels.

Kenneth Sanderson, Wayne County, 55.6 bushels.

Kenneth Sanderson, Wayne County, 55 bushels.

C&H Grain, Rowan County, 54.8 bushels.

Thomas and Wayne Rogerson, Perquimans, 54.4 bushels.

Charles Gray & Sons, Pasquotank, 54.3 bushels.

Ricky Webb, Wilson County, 53.3 bushels.

R.J. Hinnant & Sons, Wilson County, 48.7 bushels.

Joe Etheridge, Currituck County, 47.1 bushels.

Thomas Roach, Perquimans, 45.7 bushels.

Ray Rogerson, Pasquotank, 45.6 bushels.

Clay Hinnant, Currituck County, 45.4 bushels.

Joe Etheridge, Currituck County, 45.4 bushels.

P&S Farms, Robeson County, 44.1 bushels.

Johnny Moore, Wilson County, 43.4 bushels.

Freddy Daniels, Wilson County, 42.2 bushels.

Carey Brixey, Robeson County, 40.4 bushels.

Williams Farm Partnership, Perquimans County, 39.8 bushels.

Williams Farm Partnership, Perquimans County, 39.8 bushels.

Miller Brothers Farm, Perquimans County, 39.7 bushels.

Williams Farm Partnership, Perquimans County, 39.3 bushels.

Gene Perry, Perquimans County, 38.7 bushels.

John Melville, Onslow County, 38 bushels.

Graham Jones III, Onslow County, 37.7 bushels.

Williams Farm Partnership, Perquimans, 37 bushels.

Stuart Howard, Onslow County, 31.9 bushels.

Jeffrey Collins, Onslow County, 30.6.

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