New Holland T5000 Series tractors stronger, more productive machines

New Holland's beefy new 70 to 96 PTO-hp T5000 Series utility tractors are built for long life and enduring productivity with high-strength frames, axles and components.

They have the power and strength to perform heavy-duty loader work and handle larger, heavier implements, and to excel in tough hay conditions and demanding roadside mowing applications.

Powerful yet quiet four-cylinder engines provide the power and torque required for heavy-duty loader work and for operating hay tools, bat-wing mowers, feed wagons and mixers. The engines are turbocharged and intercooled for maximum fuel efficiency. Compared to previous models, the T5000 engine block is even thicker and heavier for reduced noise and vibration. The maximum engine speed has also been reduced from 2500 RPM to 2300 RPM to further reduce noise and prolong engine life.

And, they are approved for use with B100 biodiesel fuel meeting ASTM 6751 standards.

A hydraulic gear pump with an increased flow of 16.1 gpm provides hydraulic power to the remotes, while a separate steering pump provides 10.4 gpm to the hydrostatic steering system. For faster loader operation, a new combining valve automatically sends excess hydraulic flow to the optional mid-mount loader valve with joystick, providing up to 21 gpm of hydraulic flow.

The larger, heavier front and rear axles offer more capacity than most competitive utility tractors. At 10,145-pound-capacity, the rear axle offers over 1,700 pounds more capacity than most other utility tractors. The New Holland front axle allows T5000 models to easily handle the everyday strain of heavy loader work and other axle-taxing conditions.

Because of the tractor's heavier weight and strength, and the stability afforded by the longer wheelbase, the T5000 tractors won't be “pushed around” by the weight of a round baler or heavy bat-wing mowers, even on slopes.

Three-point lower flexible link ends are now standard equipment on all T5000 models to make implement hookup faster and easier.

The four models in the T5000 Series are available in Standard and Deluxe configurations, with a flat-deck platform or all-weather cab. All models feature a high-capacity hydraulic system, best-in-class three-point lift capacity up to 6,805 pounds and best-in-class lighting package. They have more speed choices than on any other tractors in this power class.

Standard models come with a 12×12 Synchro Command manual transmission with either a mechanical or optional power shuttle. The Deluxe configuration is available with a 24×24 Dual Command transmission with power shuttle. Both provide easy forward/reverse shift with the convenience of a left-hand shuttle lever.

T5000 Standard models offer plenty of impressive features and conveniences, including a 12×12 Synchro Command mechanical transmission with four synchronized gears in each of three ranges.

A 20 × 12 creeper transmission is optional for low-speed applications. The Standard models are available in 2WD or FWD. An optional wet clutch PTO system with oil cooler is available (standard equipment on power shuttle models), which is ideal for severe applications like roadside mowing. Standard models are now available with a choice of open- or closed-center remotes.

T5000 Deluxe models take efficiency to the next level with the 24×24 Dual Command transmission with one power-shift per gear and convenient no-clutch electro-hydraulic power shuttle and flow control on the rear remotes. Electro-hydraulic PTO engagement on the T5000 Deluxe models provides gradual PTO engagement and smooth power flow to implements. FWD is standard.

The deluxe models include a 25 mph (40 kph) transmission for faster road transport speeds than typically found on competitive utility tractors.

For demanding applications, a R4 industrial tire option is also now available on all T5000 Series tractors.

Sales, parts and service are provided to customers by New Holland dealers throughout the United States and Canada. There are more than 1,100 New Holland dealerships located throughout North America.

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