New disease control options available for Georgia vegetables

Southeast vegetable producers have several new disease control options to add to their arsenal.

Switch is a relatively new product from Syngenta Crop Protection that is a pre-mix of cyprodinil and fludioxinil. It is labeled for brassica crops and carrots and should provide good control of Alternaria diseases as well powdery mildew.

Amistar is now labeled for the heading brassicas and will provide suppression of both Alternaria and Cercospora diseases. Amistar may also provide some suppression of downy mildew.

Both these new labels offer significantly new disease control options for Alternaria spp. as well as providing good rotational partners for fungicide resistance management.

Curzate is a DuPont fungicide that is primarily to be used for control of downy mildew and Phytophthora diseases. It is newly registered on cucurbits for control of downy mildew and should be tank-mixed with protectant fungicides such as copper, mancozeb or chlorothalonil.

Previcur Flex, from Bayer, is newly labeled on cucurbit crops for suppression of downy mildew. It has excellent activity on downy mildew and should be tank-mixed with protectant chemistries. Previcur Flex and Curzate offer good rotational partners with strobilurin fungicides (Amistar, Cabrio, Flint, Quadris) which are at high risk for having fungicide resistance develop.

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