NCGA recognizes seed companies

Each year, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) recognizes seed companies for their contribution to the high corn yields seen in the National Corn Yield Contest, as reflected in the number of entries using that company’s seed.

Without their help, the 2007 contest would not have been the success it was, with nearly 5,000 entries.

"We're very pleased with the level of interest and participation in the 2007 contest,” said Steve Ebke, vice-chairman of NCGA's Production and Stewardship Action Team and a grower from Daykin, Neb. “NCGA appreciates the significant role the seed industry plays in making the contest competitive and successful."

NCGA announced the following categories and winners for 2007.

• The Bronze Award is given to those with 50 or more entries. Four companies won in the 2007 contest: Asgrow; Crow’s Hybrid Corn Co.; Garst Seed Co.; and Midwest Seed Genetics, Inc.

• The Silver Award is given to seed companies with more than 250 entries. For 2007, the Silver Award winner is DEKALB.

• The Presidential Award, the highest award possible, goes to companies with more than 1,500 NCYC entries. This year, the award goes to Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., a subsidiary of DuPont.

"The high-quality seed from these companies allowed our grower contestants to achieve impressive yield levels," Ebke said. These six companies will be recognized Feb. 29 at the 2008 Commodity Classic.

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