NCGA to continue bipartisan effort with new Congress

National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) President Ken McCauley sees Tuesday’s elections as another great opportunity to have corn growers’ voices heard for agriculture and rural America.

Agriculture policy, McCauley explains, tends to be non-partisan. Differences tend to be based more on regional and commodity-based issues.

“The elections have changed the congressional climate, but NCGA will continue to work in a bipartisan fashion, just as we have in the past,” said McCauley. “Our goals and our strategy will not change — working to develop good policy and programs that will further the future of agriculture and producers in the United States. We will ensure that all congressional members will hear from corn growers.”

NCGA lobbying effort constantly works to build support from both sides of the aisle in Washington, D.C., according to Jon Doggett, vice-president for public policy.

“NCGA has strong relationships with both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill,” said Doggett. “We have and will continue to emphasize the need to work with all lawmakers to expand opportunities for agriculture.”

McCauley noted one thing is certain: agriculture policy will be at the forefront of the legislative agenda next year.

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