Meat goat symposium scheduled for Aug. 2

The Mid-Atlantic Meat Goat Symposium will be held Aug. 2 in Suffolk, Va. Rex Cotton, City of Suffolk Virginia Tech Extension agent, invites growers to attend the meeting at the Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Suffolk. A sponsored lunch will be served.

The symposium will feature talks about goat reproductive health, breeding, feeding, marketing strategies, crossbreeding and on-farm worming.

Mike Salisbury, director of meat goat breeding and research at Angelo State University in west Texas, will talk about reproductive management of males and females to assure a successful kid crop.

Ken Turner, of the USDA-ARS Appalachian Farming Research Center in Beaver, W. Va., will give an update of meat goat research.

Richard Lictenwalner, of North Carolina State University, will discuss how to economically feed meat goats in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Bruce Shankle, a marketing specialist with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, will talk about developing marketing strategies for the top dollar.

Niki Whitley, a University of Maryland Extension specialist on the Eastern Shore, will discuss crossbreeding for performance and market demands.

Joseph Tritscher, of Virginia State University, will talk about what on-farm worming trials, what works and what doesn't work.

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