McCormick tractors offer big value

The new MB Series from McCormick USA is designed for customers looking for a lower specification tractor that offers both functionality and value.

Three models in the series — the MB55, MB65 and MB85 — offer fuel-efficient diesel engines, two transmission options, robust hydraulic flow, and easy access to the operator's platform. Power ranges from 58 to 81 engine hp (54 to 74 PTO hp).

“These tractors offer the power, versatility and functionality needed to accomplish any job on the farm,” says John Sargeant, vice-president of marketing and logistics for McCormick USA.

“They're also ideal for loader, light tillage and general farm work.”

Powered by the latest generation 3- and 4-cylinder Perkins 1100-series diesel engines, the series' naturally aspirated engines meet Tier 2 emission levels, run quieter and offer high torque rise capabilities for PTO and tillage applications.

A cross-flow cylinder head positions the intake and exhaust manifolds on opposite sides of the engine to prevent preheating of inlet air.

Two transmission options are offered in the series: A standard synchromesh-shuttle transmission with 12 forward and reverse speeds offers speeds up to 18.6 mph. The optional synchromesh- shuttle transmission with creep offers 24 forward and 12 reverse speeds as low as 0.17 mph or 15 fpm. Both transmissions feature a 4-speed gearbox and mechanical shuttle that are fully synchronized for easy, smooth gear and directional changes.

The shuttle incorporates a neutral position ideal for operations that require periodic pauses between forward and reverse changes. An optional gate on the forward / reverse shuttle control lever engages the creep function.

A three-positioned range lever is located to the side of the shuttle lever in the center of the operator's platform. This lever is non-synchronised and can only be shifted when the tractor is stationary.

All models are fitted with a dual plate clutch made of a long-lasting cerametalic material for outstanding durability. The PTO drive clutch is incorporated into the main drive clutch housing and uses an organic-faced drive plate. Operated by a hand lever, the PTO clutch is totally independent of the main drive clutch.

The MB Series features a standard 540-rpm and ground speed PTO. The PTO clutch is independently operated using an engagement lever located on the right-hand side of the steering column. To select the independent (engine-drive) PTO, the operator simply moves the PTO speed selection lever, located to the left of the operator's seat, to the rearmost position. The selection of proportional (ground speed) PTO is accomplished by moving the PTO speed selection lever to the forward position. Ground speed PTO is useful with PTO driven trailers, sprayers and other implements where it is important to keep PTO shaft speed proportional to ground speed.

The 4-wheel drive requires a simple mechanical engagement to provide additional traction and stability. The front axle provides a 55-degree steering angle, ensuring good turning capabilities for outstanding maneuverability. The hydrostatic steering is a self-contained system with its own dedicated pump and a separate oil reservoir to provide effortless steering without having to share hydraulic power with other systems. The MB Series also offers optional front fenders on all MFD models.

The MB Series features an open center hydraulic pump for hitch and remote functions. The pump generates a robust 13.8 gpm of hydraulic flow at the two standard remotes. A mechanical hitch control with a top link draft sensing feature provides standard lift capacity of 5,700 pounds.

To meet the demands of heavier 3-point hitch-mounted equipment, all models may be equipped with (two) optional assistor rams to increase the lift capacity to an impressive 8,140 pounds. This allows the operator to match the lifting capacity of the MB Series tractor to fit their needs — giving excellent lifting capabilities to allow for a greater range of equipment.

A one-piece front-hinged hood allows excellent access to maintenance areas of the radiator and air cleaner. Even when fitted with a front end loader, users have quick, easy access to components like the battery and steering reservoir.

A large 22.7 gallon fuel tank can be filled from ground level, and sits in front of the operator for easy, safe access. Located under the hood, the fuel tank is protected by a separate fuel door to accommodate convenient filling.

The MB Series features unrestricted access to the operator platform with the major controls positioned along the center line of the transmission. All models come equipped with a 4-post ROPS frame which can also be fitted with an optional rigid sun-canopy. More information on McCormick products and services can be found on the company's Web site at or e-mail McCormick at [email protected].

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