Massey 6400, 7400 Series tractors feature both power, fuel efficiency

Massey Ferguson 6400 and 7400 Series high horsepower (HP) tractors with new generation Tier III engines burn cleaner and smarter for greater fuel efficiency.

Both the Dyna-VT CVT transmission on the 7400 Series, ranging from 100-155 PTO HP, and Dyna-6 transmission, from 100 to 180 PTO HP, on the 6400 Series deliver power and torque more efficiently and effectively in the field and in transit.

The AE50 award-winning Dyna-VT CVT transmission on the 7400 Series has demonstrated significant savings in cost per acre per hour of at least 15 percent in fuel savings and 10 percent in labor costs versus powershift transmissions. “To put it in perspective, on 1,000 acres that's $10,000 per year,” says Adrian Crisp, Massey Ferguson product marketing manager, High HP Tractors.

In fact, in one trial, a 7400 Series 155 HP tractor only used a quarter gallon of fuel per acre. The tractor was equipped with a CVT transmission while operating a 9 foot disc mower at 12.9 kph. Crisp adds that this fuel economy may not be average for all operating conditions, but illustrates the fuel-saving focus of these tractors.

“We understand that rising fuel prices have made fuel efficiency more important than ever. These engines and their control systems squeeze the maximum power from every gallon of diesel,” Crisp adds. “However, when extra power is needed, such as when the PTO is engaged, response is immediate.”

The efficient, clutchless speed control on the Dyna-VT CVT transmission reduces fuel use by as much as 40 percent over competitive power shift transmissions in high speed/low power situations.

On models with QuadLink suspended front axle, the Dyna-VT transmission delivers infinitively variable speeds from 0 to 31 mph. The operator sets the parameters for desired power, speed and comfort with minimal noise and maximum efficiency. QuadLink also reduces power hop and wheel slippage for increased traction and maximum wheel/soil contact.

“We listened to our customers and made changes, big and small, to the powerful 6400 and 7400 Series. Changes that boost efficiency, economy and operator comfort,” Crisp says. “The Tier III Perkins and SisuDiesel engines with their electronic fuel injection systems meet government requirements, but they also meet our customer requirements for increased power, versatility and serviceability.”

Both series also feature a more service-friendly and more responsive look with an easy-access single-piece hood, easy-clean cooling system and “narrow waist” profile for tighter turns.

The 6400 Series offers the most efficient and easy to use semi-powershift on the market. Also an AE50 award winner, the Dyna-6 offers six powershift ratios that can be shifted up or down under full load within each of four ranges with 24 speeds forward and reverse.

Equipped with front axle suspension, the 6400 Series will also top out at 31mph. For pure pulling power in the fields, the Dyna-6 offers 11 different gear ratios in the 2.5 to 7.5 mph speed range.

In-cab 6400/7400 Series enhancements include improved visibility, lighting control and added head room. The cabs are exceptionally quiet with a sound rating of only 69 dB and air ride swivel seat for operator comfort. Operators can upgrade to even greater comfort with Automatic Climate Control, dual stage pneumatic cab suspension and a super deluxe seat with internal heating and advanced support.

Electronic Engine Management and Transmission Controller, optional Datatronics III Headland Management and Auto-Guide satellite navigation system technologies can cut input costs by as much as 15 percent.

The Console I in-cab terminal monitors tractor performance, operates all ISOBUS 11783 compliant trailing implements and lets you view live video from remote cameras on, in and behind equipment. The on-board GTA100 software lets you capture, view and export tractor and implement data for in office analysis while the “SD CardsTool” pre-programs tractor functions, settings and other variables on an SD card for later field applications.

“These new generation 6400 and 7400 Series tractors offer the best in rugged engineering, efficient and intelligent design and the latest technology,” Crisp says. “They carry on the Massey Ferguson tradition of making the operator's job easier, more comfortable and more productive. And with their excellent fuel economy, the only thing they guzzle up is work.”

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