Helping farmers make use of the numbers is next step in improving agricultural productivity

Farmers have been collecting data about their farming operations for years. Some, like yield monitor output, can be very sophisticated; others might be paper receipts in a shoebox.  Bringing all of that data together may be the next step in helping farmers break through the next productivity plateau. Auburn University’s John Fulton gave  members of the agricultural media a look at how that effort is progressing and left them with a special message about all of us speaking for agriculture.
In the future, farmers may be as concerned with getting  grain away from the combine as they are getting it into the machine, says Fulton, who has been working with farmers and ag industry suppliers on helping  farmers get more from their resources. Fulton says he believe industry and academics are getting closer to putting together the pieces of the puzzle that must be solved if farmers are meet a goal of doubling world food production by the year 2050.
Fulton also took a moment to talk about how the message of the importance of agriculture can be spread in surprising ways. Fulton’s son, Luke, 5, has become a one-man or one-boy ambassador for agriculture, helping  educate city dwellers about modern-day farming.

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