Corn growers to speak out on ethanol blends

Several recreational trade associations have recently called on members to contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and ask it not to implement a proposed waiver that will allow ethanol blends in gasoline to be increased from 10 percent to 15 percent.

As the nation’s premier organization representing corn farmers, the National Corn Growers Association is asking farmers and ethanol supporters to reach out to the EPA and provide their own experience on the issue — even if they have already provided a comment on higher blends.

“Many of us own boats or other vehicles or equipment that use small engines and have experienced great performance with no concerns about ethanol-blended gasoline,” said Bob Dickey, NCGA president and a grower in Laurel, Neb. “Especially on a modern farm, there are so many different types of engines that require gasoline — and gasoline mixed with corn-based ethanol means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, more American jobs and more energy independence.”

Dickey also pointed out that the request before the EPA is to simply allow higher blends — not to require it at all pumps. He urged growers to provide comment to the EPA on their experience related to ethanol use in boats and small engine equipment. Main points include:

• Ethanol is helping reinvigorate our rural economy, increasing our energy independence and leaving a greener environment for our children.

• The request before EPA is not for a mandate on E15, rather that the EPA remove the arbitrary limit currently placed on ethanol.

Click here for information how to send your comments to the EPA.

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