Agribusiness: Dimilin peanut label expanded

Chemtura Crop Protection is pleased to announce that Dimilin 2L is now approved for control of the lesser cornstalk borer (LCB) in peanuts, giving growers a more convenient and cost-effective weapon for controlling the destructive pest this growing season.

Dimilin 2L is an economical insect growth regulator that provides excellent early control and application convenience. Dimilin 2L offers peanut growers the option of tank-mixing their insecticide with fungicide sprays for maximum convenience and flexibility.

For optimal control, producers should apply Dimilin 2L to peanuts at early pegging, or approximately 40 days after plant emergence and repeat with a second application in 14 days. Dimilin 2L should be applied at the rate of four to eight fluid ounces per acre.

In addition to the new use for lesser cornstalk borer, Dimilin 2L also controls caterpillars, armyworms and immature grasshoppers. Dimilin 2L has a low impact on beneficials and is an excellent fit with integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

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