Listening sessions planned on boll weevil eradication

All cotton growers, members of grower groups and associations are being invited to attend listening sessions that will provide research results on the boll weevil eradication program's impact on actual production history.

The sessions will be held in three different states beginning Sept. 10. The intent and focus of the listening sessions will be to solicit, assimilate and report input from individual growers, grower groups and associations about the proposed methods to adjust producers' reported actual production history yields.

The first session, on Sept. 10, will be held in Greenwood, Miss., at the Leflore County Civic Center. For additional information contact Gay Smith at 662-453-4065.

On Sept. 11, the second session will be held in Montgomery, Ala., at the Richard Beard Building, Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industry. Contact Buddy Adamson at 334-613-4216 for additional information.

Tifton, Ga., is the location of the third session scheduled for Sept. 13. It will begin at 10:00 a.m. at the Tifton Campus Conference Center, Rural Development Center.

For additional information on this session contact Karen McBrayer at 229-386-3416.

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