Lechler spray tips feature drift control

Lechler, Inc.'s Agricultural Products Division, has a new addition to its' ceramic, air-induction spray tip line-up; the IDK-CP. The IDK-CP is a compact, low-profile venturi spray nozzle that is shorter than traditional air induction spray tips.

It allows for excellent drift control across a wide range of pressures (15-90 PSI). It features ceramic “pre” and “exit” orifices for long-life, and housings made of polypropylene, making them compatible with cotton defoliants and other applications of low pH solutions.

“The IDK-CP is unique because it provides a combination of three things that no other spray tip in the industry provides: drift control, resistance to acid or low pH solutions, and ceramics for long wear capabilities,” says Norm Burgeson, the Business Manager for Lechler's Agricultural Products Division. “They are ideal for use with cotton defoliants or vine desiccants because of the need for both drift control and acid resistance with those products. The ceramic orifices provide the additional benefit of extended wear capabilities that far surpass conventional plastic or stainless steel tips.”

“We are also experiencing a growing demand for spray tips that are compatible with glyphosate enhancers that lower the overall pH of the spray solution, adds Burgeson.

“These enhancement formulations typically increase the rate of absorption and increase the speed of translocation, but as a by-product can also lower the pH of the spray solution enough to cause an adverse effect on polyacetal spray tips which contain nylon. The IDK-CP is a safe, effective alternative whenever there is a question about the effect a solution with a reduced pH will have on the spray tips being used.”

The IDK-CP is available sizes in 025 thru 05 and fits a standard cap for an easy retro fit to most nozzle bodies.

For further information on Lechler, Inc. agricultural products visit www.LechlerAg.com.

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