Virginia soybean, corn yields up from 2007

Virginia soybean producers are currently expected to harvest 530,000 acres with an average yield of 29 bushels per acre. Those production figures are up 19 percent from last year. Corn in the commonwealth is expected to yield 104 bushels per acre, up 9 percent from 2007.

But dry weather may cause a wrinkle in expectations. “With the continuing dry conditions in Virginia, producers are having a tough time keeping their crops in favorable condition for this type expected harvest,” said David Coleman, grain manager for the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation. “However, if we see some rainfall soon, we are hearing from our members that production should be on track.”

While some producers use irrigation on a portion of their corn and soybeans, “it is very expensive,” Coleman added. Still, “irrigation could be the key to help them maintain the production potential despite our overly dry conditions.”

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