Two-pass weed control programs in corn providing better weed control

Two-pass weed control programs in corn providing better weed control

• Due to heavy rain, pre-applied herbicides in corn have played out and a second treatment is needed.

Many folks the past two weeks have found they need to apply a “layby” herbicide to their corn. 

I have gotten a number of calls from several who were dismayed their pre-applied herbicide had given out some time ago. In many cases they are reporting they now have 18 to 24-inch Palmer amaranth up in their big corn.  

Given all the rain I am not surprised the pre-applied herbicides had given out. In our corn weed control research at Jackson 1.5lbs/A rate of atrazine or 2 qts/A of Bicep provided about 2 to 3 weeks of residual control this spring. Indeed even the better pre-applied pre-mixes like Lexar, Corvus or even Fierce had played out about 4 weeks after application.  

I think the reason most are surprised by the quickly played out pre-applied herbicides this spring is that they were still remembering last spring. In many cases during the spring of 2012 a pre-applied herbicide in corn provided season long control. 

What happened last year was once the first flush of Palmer was controlled at burndown time in March there were few later flushes due to lack of rain. 

This spring is the polar opposite of last year, with the weekly heavy rains which not only rapidly degrade a herbicide, but promote many flushes of weeds particularly Palmer over a 6 week window now. 

Springs that have wet periods are more the norm than the exception. That is why a two pass corn weed control program in 9 out of the last 10 years has provided more consistent weed control than reliance on a single pass.  

As far as managing those large Palmer pigweeds in large corn, a combination of Halex GT plus Status or Capreno plus Status has provided >90 percent control. 

The corn height restriction for Halex GT and Status is 30-inches and the corn maturity restriction for Capreno and Status is 7 leaf corn.

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