Photos: Southeast corn planting hits high gear, wheat coming on strong

Cool soils and wet conditions over the past few weeks have slowed Georgia’s 2014 corn planting start, but it was full-on at Raymond Thompson’s Seminole County farm near the Florida line March 14. Early planted seed gives Deep South corn growers a chance at premium prices for a mid-July corn harvest.

Corn planting in Seminole County started around March 1. By mid-March, 15 percent of Georgia’s corn is usually planted, but farmers and local Extension agents say the 2014 corn planting season is behind that typical pace but not by much.

Seedlings planted two weeks ago break through the ground in the area as soil temperatures stay more evenly in the 60-plus degree germination strike zone. Weather patterns of sunny warm days punctuated by a few good, and for the most part, welcomed rainy days helped the pace and set the tone.

The Southeast 2014 row crop planting season is on.

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