Heavy rain, high winds lodge corn and stop planters

Skies cleared Tuesday morning but not before more than 6 inches, and in some places more than 8 inches, of rain fell across the Deep South in the last seven to 10 days, beating up corn and delaying peanut planting and general field work by several weeks. Here’s what it looked like.

“Too wet to plow and too wet to plant, and too wet to do much of anything. We got our burndown out and a few other things pretty much on time, and look good on that, but we’ve been too wet to do much else. But we’re ready and when it gets dry enough, and hopefully that’ll be later this week. We’ll be hitting it hard,” said Johnny Cochran, who hasn’t planted any of his peanut or cotton yet, as he sat under his shed in Sylvester, Ga., April 20 and watched the skies drizzle

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