corn planting progress 2013

Corn planting nears completion; growers focus on crop condition

• At this point, 92 percent of all corn acres are forecast to be in fair to excellent condition, with only 8 percent rated in poor or very poor condition.

Farmers charged ahead with corn planting despite delays and are nearly complete with a full 95 percent of corn acres planted, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released Monday.

Since last week, planting progress increased by four points to close in on the five-year average of 98 percent at this point. At the same time, corn emergence also rose by 11 points to 85 percent, only trailing the five-year average by seven points despite planting delays.

“The progress we are seeing is a positive indication that many farmers are deciding to move ahead with corn acres despite delays,” said National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson, a grower in Iowa.

“With progress still under way in some areas and many expecting favorable conditions, it is still possible we will see a bountiful harvest.

“Early season weather always leads to speculation, but the remainder of the summer’s circumstances are what really impact the health of a crop. Now, we just need to hope for timely rains and well-timed weather.”

All states have now completed corn planting on more than 90 percent of acres with the exception of Wisconsin and North Dakota, where only 81 and 89 percent of corn acres have been planted respectively. Over the past week, Missouri and Wisconsin made the most significant progress increasing planted acres by seven points each.


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Corn emergence made rapid progress across the country, with overall emergence shown on 85 percent of the total corn acres in the top 18 corn-producing states by June 9. This lags behind the five-year average of 92 percent emerged at this point, but it even further narrows the gap to only 7 points versus 8 points just a week prior.

The report included USDA’s second assessment of the corn crop condition for this year. At this point, 92 percent of all corn acres are forecast to be in fair to excellent condition, with only 8 percent rated in poor or very poor condition.

Last year, only 7 percent of the crop was estimated to be in poor or very poor condition at this time, but this number increased as the drought worsened throughout the summer.

To view the full report released today, click here.


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