2013 corn harvest

Corn Belt growers pushing hard to finish harvest

• U.S. Department of Agriculture reports show corn harvest has caught up and outpaced the five-year average.

Thanks to dry weather and hard-working farmers, nearly three quarters of the nation’s corn crop has been harvested.

U.S. Department of Agriculture reports show harvest has caught up and outpaced the five-year average.

“We’ve had some good weather for harvesting,” said NCGA President Martin Barbre.

“Even though some areas are still challenged by moisture, we’re getting some very optimistic reports about quality and yield. With another two good weeks of harvest weather, the bountiful crop of 2013 will for the most part be in the bin!”


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As of Sunday, Nov. 3, 73 percent of the crop has been harvested in the 18 states that produce the bulk of the nation’s field corn, with some states making great progress in the past week.

In Iowa, the state that produces the most corn, a full one-fifth of the corn crop was harvested in the last seven days as the percent harvested jumped from 55 to 75 percent.

Click here for the full crop progress report.

Other harvests nearing completion are soybeans at 86 percent, sorghum at 75 percent and rice at 98 percent.

On Friday, the USDA will release its first estimate of corn supply and demand since September.  

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