Grain groups assemble trade team

Appointed by NCGA President-elect Dee Vaughan, Boisen is one of six NCGA members to serve on the team.

Also serving on the team will be six USGC members as well as a National Grain Sorghum Producers (NGSP) and a National Barley Growers Association (NBGA) member.

"This joint trade policy A-team will be a special effort by the USGC to reach out and include the producer groups from NCGA, NGSP and the NBGA as we develop, monitor and strive for freer trade policy throughout the world," said Terry Wolf, USGC president.

"Doug served NCGA well for the past year as the chairman of NCGA’s Trade Task Force and I look forward to working with him in this new role," Vaughan said of the Minden, Neb., grower. "By bringing together the NCGA and Grains Council trade teams, we are able to work more efficiently as organizations and accomplish much on behalf of our members.

Among Boisen’s initial duties as team chair will be to represent the group at the World Trade Organization Ministerial in Cancun, Mexico, in September. "This is a critical year for trade policy negotiations, not only the WTO negotiations in Cancun, but in bilateral trade negotiations around the world and Doug’s leadership will be crucial," Wolf added.

A-team members serve two-year terms. NCGA will name the rest of its representatives in October, when Vaughan begins his term as NCGA president.

Representatives from NGSP, NBGA and USGC will be named in September.

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