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VIRGINIA GRAIN growers, such as Clay, left, and Robbie Newcomb, are urged to attend one of a series of upcoming round table meetings to discuss the role of soil water districts in the ongoing Chesapeake Bay clean up.

Virginia growers upset with latest Chesapeake Bay ruling

• The latest court ruling gives Federal government control of nutrient load limits released into Chesapeake Bay. • The Virginia Grain Growers Association opposes court ruling and asks farmers to attend statewide roundtable discussions. • The American Farm Bureau Federation is contemplating its next legal move in Chesapeake Bay cleanup case.

The Virginia Grain Producers Association is deeply disappointed and strongly disagrees with the district court's ruling that upholds the Environmental Protection Agency's total maximum daily load for the Chesapeake Bay. 

We believe the ruling is flawed and that the Chesapeake Bay TMDL goes beyond the scope of the Clean Water Act authority.  

Our farmers care deeply about our natural environment, promote agriculture stewardship and are committed to improving water quality and to a flourishing agriculture industry. 

VGPA will continue to advocate for the interests of all Virginia farmers and grain producers who are significantly impacted by this decision.

A series of round table discussions will be held across the state to give growers and agribusiness representatives a chance to discuss options available to oppose the latest court ruling.

Make plans now to attend a roundtable discussion focusing on the role of your Soil and Water Conservation District.  Seven meetings will occur across the Commonwealth to ensure your voice is heard.

All regional meetings listed below will be held from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. Please contact [email protected] to share your plans to attend. If you are not able to attend, I encourage you to please share comments and your feedback via [email protected]

Area I —Augusta County Government Center, Oct. 1.

Area II — Culpeper County Reva Fire and Rescue, Oct. 28;

Area III — Henrico County Government Center, Oct. 3;

Area IV — Emory and Henry College, Oct. 24;

Area V — Chatham, Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex, Oct. 30; 

Area VI — Chesapeake, Hampton Roads Planning District Offices, Oct. 8; and

Eastern Shore  — Melfa, Eastern Shore Community College, Nov. 7

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