Dec. 31 is deadline for Furadan use

Farmers and landowners will not be able to use carbofuran, an insecticide sold under the trade name Furadan, after Dec. 31, according to the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

Tony L. Cofer, division director of pesticide management and professional services, says the Environmental Protection Agency has announced that all food tolerances for Furadan will be revoked, effective Dec. 31.

If any food commodity is found to contain any residue of carbofuran after that date, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would have authority to condemn and order destruction of that commodity, and EPA would have authority to take enforcement action against the applicator of the Furadan, if the origin of the residue can be determined.

Cofer says Furadan has been registered and used in Alabama for more than 30 years, and currently has a label that allows for applications to corn, soybeans, alfalfa, potatoes and rangeland/pastures. While EPA has not cancelled the actual label for the product, it will do so sometime in 2010.

Cofer also advised landowners and applicators with Furadan to use the product according to label directions before Dec. 31, and contact a licensed waste disposal contractor for any remaining product. Any inventory found after Dec. 31 will be ordered disposed at the expense of the owner.

For more information, contact ADAI at (334) 240-7237.

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