Glyphomax now available

Glyphomax Plus herbicide and Glyphomax herbicide, which are formulated using a unique process from Dow AgroSciences, are now available in the southern United States for the 2001 growing season.

“The unique formulation of Glyphomax Plus and Glyphomax causes less foaming action than standard glyphosate-based products, resulting in easier mixing and application,” said Dennis Lane, senior product marketing manager for Dow AgroSciences. “These products allow Dow AgroSciences to provide growers with a more complete crop protection portfolio, especially for cotton, soybeans, corn and citrus crops. Glyphomax Plus and Glyphomax give growers a high-quality alternative to other products on the market.”

Glyphomax Plus and Glyphomax are single-entity formulations of glyphosate that offer broad-spectrum broadleaf weed and grass control. Both products are registered for use on glyphosate-tolerant cotton, corn and soybeans. Glyphomax herbicide products are also labeled on citrus and more than 150 other crops.

“The convenience of Glyphomax Plus is an advantage for growers,” Lane said. “They don't need to add a surfactant, but may add AMS as desired, and they'll be able to plant the same day as application because of the short four-hour restricted entry interval.

“Standard Glyphomax offers growers the flexibility of adding surfactants and other additives based on the needs of their crops. Both products give growers the ability to run their operations more efficiently.”

Glyphomax Plus and Glyphomax also can be tank-mixed with defoliants to enhance leaf drop in conventional cotton, while controlling late-emerging weeds that could interfere with harvest.

In glyphosate-tolerant soybeans, both products can be tank-mixed with other herbicides such as FirstRate, Frontrow or Python WDG for residual broadleaf weed control.

For citrus groves, Glyphomax Plus and Glyphomax control or suppress annual and perennial weeds with only a one-day pre-harvest interval, allowing for the easy movement of harvest equipment through the grove.

For more information about Glyphomax Plus or Glyphomax, visit or contact a local sales representative.

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