Georgia tobacco tour cancelled

Citing a concern for the spread of foot and mouth disease to the state’s livestock, the University of Georgia has cancelled the 2001 Georgia Tobacco Tour, originally scheduled for June 11-12.

"The Tobacco Team realizes the significant damage which may be caused from foot and mouth disease, and which may be inadvertently introduced into the area by tour participants who recently have visited infected areas outside the United States," says J. Michael Moore, University of Georgia Extension tobacco specialist.

The policy of the University of Georgia Animal and Dairy Science Department is that no U.S. citizen will be admitted to the department’s production units if they have been in Europe or South America in the past 30 days. No one visiting from a foreign country will be allowed on the production farms if they have not been in the United States for at least 30 days.

Tobacco research and Extension plots continue to be conducted, and their results will be available in annual Research Extension Reports and through future meetings and seminars, according to Moore.

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