Georgia soybeans, tobacco improve

Late figures show change Georgia's September crop report reveals that statewide average yields for cotton, corn and peanuts remained the same as earlier estimates, while soybeans and tobacco showed some improvement.

Most of August was hot and dry in Georgia with showers and near-normal temperatures becoming more regular during the latter part of the month and the first part of September.

Soybean yields are forecast at 21 bushels per acre, up two bushels per acre. Prospects for this year's soybean crop improved with late-August rainfall.

180,000 acres Harvested acreage is expected to total 180,000 acres, five percent below the 190,000 acres harvested in 1999. Based on these forecasts, production will total 3.78 million bushels, up five percent from last year.

Tobacco production for Georgia in 2000 is forecast at 66 million pounds, up 4.5 million pounds from the August estimate and 1.98 million pounds above 1999's production. Yield is forecast at 2,200 pounds per acre, up 150 pounds from earlier forecasts. This yield is 260 pounds per acre above 1999.

Harvested acreage is expected to total 30,000 acres, or 3,000 acres less than in 1999. Harvesting progress was reported near normal.

Peanut production for Georgia is forecast at 1.27 billion pounds, the same as in August, but 10 percent less than 1999's production. Yield per harvested acre is forecast at 2,500 pounds, also the same as the August estimate, but 75 pounds per acre less than the 1999 yield.

Farmers were active in applying insecticides and fungicides to control insect and disease problems in early September.

Georgia's cotton production as of Sept. 1 is forecast at 1.68 million bales, the same as last month and seven percent above a year ago. At 620 pounds per harvested acre, average yield is the same as earlier estimates, but 41 pounds per acre more than 1999's average.

Cotton unchanged The hot, dry summer has taken a toll on this year's cotton crop. Acreage for harvest is forecast at 1.30 million, the same as the August estimate.

Pest control practices were active during August and early September, with many growers spraying for worms and insects

Corn yields in Georgia for 2000 are expected to average 100 bushels per harvested acre. This is three bushels below last year's average of 103 bushels per acre.

Yields on most non-irrigated corn have suffered due to adverse weather conditions.

Total corn production is expected to total 34 million bushels from 340,000 acres harvested for grain. Production of this size would be 10 percent more than last year.

The corn for grain was 76 percent harvested by Sept. 3, compared with 65 percent harvested for the five-year average.

The first pecan forecast for 2000 will be issued on Oct. 12.

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