Georgia Peanut Workshop March 10

The first annual Georgia Peanut Workshop will be held Wednesday, March 10, at McGouirk Auditorium on the South Georgia College campus in Douglas, Ga.

The workshop begins with registration from 8 a.m. until 8:45 a.m. Concurrent workshops will be held beginning at 8:45 a.m.

Session One will feature the following speakers and topics:

Peanut Varieties and Management for 2004 — John Beasley, University of Georgia Extension peanut specialist; Switching to Twin Rows — John Baldwin, University of Georgia Extension peanut specialist; Peanut Herbicide and Weed Control Update — Eric Prostko, University of Georgia Extension weed scientist; Peanut Insect and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Update — Steve Brown, University of Georgia Extension entomologist and Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia Extension pathologist.

The following speakers and topics will be featured in Session Two:

Peanut Varieties and Management for 2004 — John Beasley; Managing Strip-till Peanuts (including weed control) — John Baldwin and Eric Prostko; Production Economics and Profitability — Nathan Smith, University of Georgia Extension economist and Stanley Fletcher, National Center for Peanut Competitiveness, University of Georgia; Peanut Nematode and Disease Control — Bob Kemerait.

Session Three will feature the following speakers and topics:

Peanut Herbicide and Weed Control Update — Eric Prostko; Peanut Irrigation and Irrigator Pro — Marshall Lamb, National Peanut Lab and John Baldwin; Peanut Fertility — Glenn Harris, University of Georgia Extension agronomist; Recent Developments in Peanut Disease Management — Tim Brenneman and Albert Culbreath, University of Georgia pathologists.

Following lunch, a general session will begin at 1:15 p.m. featuring the following topics and speakers:

Georgia Peanut Commission Update — Don Koehler, executive director, Georgia Peanut Commission; Peanut Marketing Update for 2004 — Marshall Lamb, economist, National Peanut Lab; Biological Control of Alfatoxin in Peanuts — Joe Dorner, microbiologist, National Peanut Lab; Issues Facing Shellers and Manufacturers Concerning Farmer Stock Peanuts — Ben Smith, Tom's Foods; 2004 Peanut Profitability Contest — Paul Hollis, editor, Southeast Farm Press; The Purpose of Governor Perdue's Agricultural Advisory Committee — Donnie Smith, Governor's Agriculture Liaison; Peanut Market Update — Tyron Spearman, Spearman Agency; Feedback from Domestic and International Customers on U.S. Peanuts — Howard Valentine, Peanut Foundation; and Peanut Allergy Research Update, Howard Valentine.

Registration for the workshop is free. For more information, contact the Coffee County Extension Service at (912) 384-1402.

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