Georgia Farm Bureau to recommend sales tax cut on ethanol, biodiesel

A Georgia Farm Bureau committee has adopted a proposal to cut the sales tax on the sale and production of ethanol and biodiesel to present to the membership in its December meeting.

Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin had recommended the action when speaking to GFB’s Policy Development Committee. The Energy Section of the Policy Development Committee will present the recommendation to the voting delegates when they meet the first week of December.

“I told the Policy board, that we, as a state, are not offering enough incentives for people to develop, produce and use ethanol and biodiesel. In order to make us more competitive with other states, I recommended eliminating taxes on the production and sale at the pump of ethanol and biodiesel,” Commissioner Irvin said.

Seventeen states have reduction or elimination of sales and use motor fuel taxes for ethanol and/or biodiesel, according to information from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center. Many states offer packages of tax credits, grants, loans, and rebates to producers and users.

Irvin explained, “We need to act quickly to seize the opportunities from the increase in alternative fuel vehicles into the market and the additional methods and sources of production.”

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