Georgia cotton estimate unchanged

Based on a survey of growers contacted around Dec. 1, Georgia’s cotton yield was unchanged from the previous month, while pecan production increased from the October forecast.

According to the USDA, NASS, Georgia Field Office, Georgia's cotton production for 2007 is expected to total 1.65 million bales (480 pounds), the same as the Nov. 1 forecast, but 684,000 bales less than 2006 production.

Harvesting benefited from the dry fall. Acreage for harvest, at 1.01 million acres, remains unchanged from the previous month. The yield calculates to 784 pounds per harvested acre.

By the end of November, about 79 percent of the crop had been harvested.

Pecan production for 2007 is forecast at 110 million pounds, 10 million pounds above the projection in October, and significantly more than last year's production of 42 million pounds. This is an on year in the alternate bearing cycle.

Southwest Georgia pecan trees escaped an early April freeze with minimal damage. The dry weather limited disease and insect damage this year. Nut quality has been reported to be good this year.

Improved varieties are expected to total 100 million pounds, while native and seedling total 10 million pounds.

Harvest as of Nov. 2, was 60 percent, ahead of the normal pace of 53 percent.

Rainfall during November was well below normal over most of the state. The drier than normal weather made for excellent harvesting conditions. The lack of moisture did hinder small grain growth and slowed plantings.

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