Georgia Corn Short Course set for Jan. 26

The Georgia Corn Short Course and annual meeting of the Georgia Corn Growers Association are set for Thursday, Jan. 26, at the Rural Development Center in Tifton, Ga.

The meeting is sponsored by the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the Cooperative Extension Service, the Georgia Corn Growers Association, and the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Corn. The theme of this year’s short course is “Managing Corn in 2006 for Profit.”

Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m., and the meeting kicks off with a session on Outlook, Marketing and Pricing Factors in 2006 — Panel Discussion; Major Factors in the Pricing of Corn — Those That Affect Price and How Farmers Can Price Corn; Major Markets in Georgia; Impact of Ethanol on Georgia Corn. Panel participants will include George Shumaker, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service; Danny Brown, general manager, AGrowStar, Davisboro, Ga.; Joe McManus, commodity marketing specialist, Georgia Farm Bureau; and Jim Brock, Crystal Farms Mills, Inc., Chestnut Mountain.

Other presentations and speakers include the following: Budgeting for 2006, Nathan Smith, agricultural economist, University of Georgia; A Summary of Irrigation Research in Georgia — What Does it Tell Us? Jim Hook, soil scientist, University of Georgia; Pre and Post-Harvest Management of Maize Weevils in Corn: Tifton Post-Harvest Grain Facilities, Paul Sumner, agricultural engineer, University of Georgia; Fertility Issues: Recommendations and Alternatives, N, P and K Recommendations and the Rising Cost Fertilizing Corn, Glen Harris, soil scientist, University of Georgia; Poultry Litter as an Alternative Source, Glen Harris; Alternative N Sources: Clovers Revisited, Harry Schomberg, ecologist, USDA-ARS; Update on the 2005 Studies on Stink Bugs in Corn, Xinghi Ni, research entomologist, USDA-ARS; Summarizing Five Years of Weed Management Studies in Corn, Eric Prostko, Tim Grey and Bill Vencill, weed scientists, University of Georgia; and The Mycotoxin Task Force: A Coalition of Institutes, Dewey Lee, grain agronomist, University of Georgia.

During a sponsored lunch, the Georgia Corn Growers Association will hold its business meeting, and the Production Efficiency Awards Program will be presented.

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