Forestry: Huge Southern industry highlighted at Sunbelt Expo

Trees grow abundantly on most farms in the Southeast, and if there’s one place that will help you make the most of the woods on your land, it is the Sunbelt Ag Expo.

Whether you’re interested in locating pine or hardwood tree seedlings, or in transforming low value logs into high dollar lumber and furniture products, Expo is the place for you.

Forestry is big business in the South, and the companies that manufacturer products used in the forestry industry make up a growing segment of Expo exhibitors.

The Expo is known for its exhibits featuring a wide assortment of portable sawmills. These sawmills can be moved into woodlots and set up so that cutting can begin in a matter of minutes.

You’ll see sawmills in operation that will fit any budget. For instance, economical manual mills where the operator provides all of the labor are ideal for weekend sawmilling on your own woodlot. You’ll also see high tech hydraulic sawmills where the loading and turning of the logs is done with the push of a button. These mills are well suited for use by individuals who make sawmilling their full time careers.

Many of the companies with portable sawmills and forestry-related products and services can be found in the western section of the show grounds near the antique tractor and Kubota tractor exhibits.

Here’s a brief look at several of these companies (their locations) and what they will be showing off at this year’s farm show:

• Bailey’s (WC-8) will be exhibiting the Lucas brand of portable sawmill. Its swing blade technology allows for straight cutting.

• Baker Products (WB-8) will exhibit its extensive line of portable band sawmills and edgers that remove bark from boards coming off the sawmill.

• Blanton’s Long Leaf Container Nursery (AB-1) will have a display on containerized longleaf and loblolly pine tree and hardwood tree seedlings available for planting by landowners.

• Block Buster Inc. (WC-8) manufactures firewood processors that will transform thick logs into uniform blocks of firewood.

• Blue Ox Equipment (WC-8) will exhibit its line of loader trailers. See grapples grab logs and place them onto the trailers.

• Built-Rite Mfg. Corp. (WB-8) offers wood splitters, conveyors and firewood processors.

• DCL Sales, Inc. (WC-8) sells grapples, chippers, winches and Kodiak Kutter mulchers for grooming forest floors.

• FAE USA Inc., (WC-10) will have construction equipment. Its mulching mowers can be used to shred stumps and woody debris.

• The Georgia Forestry Commission (F-5) will have an exhibit on how to use prescribed burning to improve tree stands. See how prescribed burning benefits wildlife, aesthetics and timber production.

• Gyro Trac USA Inc. (C-8) will exhibit high-speed brush cutting and mulching equipment for clearing land with low ground pressure.

• Hud-Son Forest Equipment (WB-8) will have portable sawmills, grapple log loaders, grinders, post sharpeners and blade sharpeners.

• International Forest Company (AB-2) sells containerized tree seedlings for reforestation.

• Kasco Mfg. Co., Inc. will have portable bandsaw mills, including the Saw V model with a carriage that is raised and lowered by an electric motor.

• KBR Enterprises (WB-8) offers an attachment for a log splitter that allows the log to be turned and split without falling off the splitter.

• RAYCO Mfg. Inc. (WB-8) will have self-propelled and tow-behind stump cutters, mini crawlers, and forestry mowers.

• Salsco, Inc (WC-8) will have wood chippers and a mill that cuts wood shavings from logs.

• Wood-Mizer South (WC-8) will display and demonstrate from its extensive line of portable sawmills and sawmill accessories.

This year’s Sunbelt Expo will be held Oct. 17-19 near Moultrie, Ga. For additional information visit

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