Florida cattle prices higher in April

Prices received by Florida cattle producers in mid-April were higher compared with the entire month of March.

Hogs at $40.50 per cwt. were $1.10 higher than March and $4.80 more than the previous year.

The mid-month price for cows at $49.50 per cwt. was $1.30 higher than a month earlier 30 cents more than a year ago.

Steers and heifers at $97 per cwt. were $4 more than last month but $3 less than a year ago.

Calves at $118 per cwt. were up $1 from the previous month but $5 below last year.

The Florida milk price for April was $18.80 per cwt., up 60 cents and $3.60 from last month and last year, respectively.

The commercial broiler price of 51 cents per pound, remained the same as March but 13 cents more than a year earlier. The April egg price, at 55.0 cents per dozen, was 15 cents less than a month earlier but 21 cents higher than April 2006.

U.S. price index

The preliminary All Farm Products Index of Prices Received by Farmers in April, at 135 percent, based on 1990-92=100, increased 1 point (0.7 percent) from March. The Crop Index is down 1 point (0.7 percent) but the Livestock Index increased 3 points (2.4 percent).

Producers received higher commodity prices for onions, milk, cattle, and tomatoes. Lower prices were received for lettuce, corn, strawberries and eggs.

The overall Index is also affected by the seasonal change based on a 3-year average mix of commodities producers sell. Increased average marketings of cattle, oranges, strawberries, and milk offset decreased marketings of soybeans, corn, wheat, and hogs.

The preliminary All Farm Products Index is up 24 points (22 percent) from April 2006. The Food Commodities Index, at 137, increased 2 points (1.5 percent) from last month and 25 points (22 percent) from April 2006.

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