Field days vital tool for seed companies

Field days serve as a valuable tool for seed companies as well as researchers.

At the Delta and Pineland Co.'s field day this fall in Hartsville, S.C., growers and industry folks alike got a chance to see the company's new offerings, as well as experimental lines.

“Seeing is believing,” says Ken Lege', Delta and Pine Land Co. regional technical agronomist. “We can show a picture and say this is what a certain variety will do for you, but it's like looking at the leaf area and seeing how the variety grows.

“A field day gives us a chance to answer questions one-on-one with growers,” Lege' says.

Of particular interest at Delta and Pine Land's field were three varieties: Delta and Pine Land 555 BG/RR, Delta and Pine Land 444 and Delta and Pine Land 449.

DP 555 BG/RR or “Triple Nickel” as it is popularly known represented the largest single variety launch in the company's history. A mid-to-full season variety, DP 555 has tall plant height and aggressive growth habit, smooth leaves and good seedling vigor.

It has medium boll size and is widely adapted to most soil types. Its aggressive growth habit requires more vigorous management.

DP 449 BG/RR is a mid-season variety with medium height, good seedling vigor, smooth leaves.

It may require less plant growth management, Lege' says. DP 449 could have potential in the Mid-South and Southeast regions. “This variety is an easy switch off for farmers who have been growing 451,” Lege' says.

DP 444 BG/RR is “ideal for the Southeast,” Lege' says. It's an early-maturing variety that has semi-smooth leaves and excellent seedling vigor. It has medium height. “The best feature of this variety is the low micronaire,” Lege' says.

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