FiberMax offers certified program

FiberMax has gained a reputation for quality cotton since it came on the market in 1998. Now, growers will be able to certify the quality from FiberMax cotton through a new program offered by Bayer Crop Science.

The Certified FiberMax Cotton program gives growers the opportunity to identify their cotton as FiberMax, which often commands premiums, says Brent Crossland, FiberMax U.S. marketing manager. The program is designed to benefit growers, spinners and merchants.

The genesis of the program began with spinners asking about the FiberMax varieties, Crossland says. “Spinners started asking about the cotton because of its quality and they went upstream from the mill and found that it was the FiberMax varieties and started asking for it by name.”

“Mills with advanced spinning technologies require the HVI-measured quality characteristics typically met by FiberMax,” says Ed Jernigan, CEO and president of Globecot. Jernigan's company is working in conjunction with Bayer CropScience to initiate the FiberMax Certification program.

By using a certification program, FiberMax hopes to increase and protect demand for its varieties downstream at the spinner and merchant level, Crossland says.

“We're not trying to get into the merchants' business, we just want to increase awareness and help the merchantability of our products for them,” Crossland says.

Farmers who grow FiberMax varieties can sign up at The deadline to pre-certify is Aug. 1, 2003. Or contact a FiberMax representative.

Specific quality information for each bale may be obtained via the Permanent Bale Identification number through the USDA Classing Office.

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