New dashboard putting real time information at farmers’ fingertips.

The Farm Progress Show has become a major venue for companies to announce new products and services. Trimble used this year’s show to announce two new products and two new acquisitions. Trimble’s Mike Martinez talked about the new products in this interview at the company’s exhibit at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill.

Martinez says Trimble’s new Connected Farm dashboard provides a centralized location for farmers to view key information about their operation from a central device. The dashboard can be used by farmers with as few as one or two vehicles or with a fleet of 200 vehicles to help them make better management decisions about their operations.

“The  Connected Farm Dashboard is a seamless integration tool that connects all of the devices in the field, all the data that is being collected and going up to the Connected Farm from harvesting, planting, tillage, spraying,” he says. “The dashboard is now a tool where you can quickly and easily view this information in a very user friendly format all in one place. You can add things like weather information, commodity prices on top of your Connected Farm features.”

The second product is the new TMX-2050 Display, a next generation display built on the Android operating system. The display offers an intuitive interface that enables farmers to easily implement precision agriculture solutions as their operation grows.

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