PART OF THE CREW on hand during the ExactEmerge planter clinic held near Hillsboro Ala were from left to right TriGreen Equipment CEO Mike Underwood and Integrated Solutions Manager Shannon Norwood and John Deere Territory Manager John Doyle

PART OF THE CREW on hand during the ExactEmerge planter clinic held near Hillsboro, Ala. were (from left to right) TriGreen Equipment CEO Mike Underwood and Integrated Solutions Manager Shannon Norwood, and John Deere Territory Manager John Doyle.

John Deere planter offers accurate corn, soybean planting up to 10 MPH

The new John Deere ExactEmerge planter ensures accurate corn and soybeans planting at speeds up to 10 mph and will be commercially available in 2015.

A new John Deere planter that ensures accurate corn and soybeans planting at speeds up to 10 mph was showcased during a clinic held near Hillsboro, Ala. The ExactEmerge planter will be commercially available in 2015.

“The ExactEmerge is the best planter I’ve ever seen as far as uniform spacing,” said Mark Hamilton, owner of Hamilton Farms and Hillsboro Gin. “The spacing will be uniform even when you’re going up to 10 miles per hour. I’m going for that picket fence emergence that translates to high yields. And uniform emergence helps management throughout the season.” 

Hamilton used the new ExactEmerge planter all through his corn planting, beginning April 3. Depending on the hybrid, he planted anywhere from 26,000 to 33,000 seeds per acre. “But no matter the seeding rate, it held the exact spacing,” he said. “With the 12-row ExactEmerge planter set for 30-inch rows, we planted 300 acres in one-and-a-half days. 

“We normally plant 4.5 mph to keep our spacing and seed depth uniform. However, we were able to run that new planter 7 mph to 8 mph on our rougher ground, and bumped it up to 10 mph on our smooth ground. The ExactEmerge ran faster and bounced less than my other planters in the same type soil.

“Speed to me is an added bonus. Here in north Alabama, most of my no-till and minimum till fields are rough so exact spacing is more critical than speed. But the speed is especially helpful in years like this one when rains keep us out of the fields; when a window opens, we can go!”

John Deere research illustrates the value of increasing planting speed while maintaining accurate corn and soybeans planting. Its studies show that a 2,500-acre farm can be planted in 10 days going 5 mph; 7 days at 7.5 mph; and 6 days at 10 mph (based on 24-row, 30-inch spacing planter with fields averaging 90 acres).

Features of the ExactEmerge planter include a Belt Delivery System that delivers seed to the bottom of the trench at a rearward trajectory that matches the planter’s ground speed at any desired population. Additionally, the High-Performance Vacuum Meter enables growers to use a variety of seed shapes and sizes—like refuge in the bag—all at once without mechanical adjustments. And the Brush-Style Doubles Eliminator provides precise singulation as the bristles of this doubles eliminator sweep extra seeds away, limiting one seed per hole before the seed reaches the brush belt.

Strengthened to withstand additional force

The ExactEmerge electric drive system is powered by two brushless maintenance-free motors on each row unit that work independently to control the meter and the brush belt—with no synchronization required. The Seed Sensor provides vital information for each seed that travels through the brush belt delivery system, including population, seed spacing and seed singulation. This information is delivered to the new SeedStar HP monitoring system. Additionally, since faster planting speeds mean more shock load and stress, the row unit shank has been strengthened to withstand additional force and impact without fracturing, regardless of planting conditions.

John Doyle, John Deere territory manager, who is based in Nashville, Tenn., said the ExactEmerge is another example of Deere’s commitment to innovation and the amount of resources that the company invests in developing new products and technologies that provide the solutions that growers need.

“Clinics like the one at Hillsboro demonstrate the ExactEmerge’s efficiency and accuracy, and its agronomic aspects,” Doyle said. “It’s amazing the singulation and the seed spacing accuracy of the planter that can be maintained up to 10 mph. 

“Additionally, growers recognize that the partnership between them and our dealers helps provide solutions for them. Our dealers can provide a full circle of solutions from equipment to technology and can provide data management for their farms.

“Many of our dealers have developed their own value added plans or services that they customize according to a grower’s specific needs. Our dealers can write growers a solution for a potential service like doing an equipment optimization, helping to get it set up before they go to the field to plant or spray or harvest.  They can also arrange maintenance management of their equipment as well as help them manage their information in terms of yield data and yield maps. They can take that data and help them make their planting and production decisions for the following season.

“Some of the value John Deere strives to deliver is that not only do we develop and manufacture the equipment, we also design, develop and rigorously test the technology that goes with each piece of equipment—it’s all integrated from the start. Our dealers then provide the direct support as they marry support solutions on the equipment and integrated technology to ensure the producer realizes the full capability of each piece of equipment he owns.”

Doyle said Deere also encourages its dealers to partner with a third party such as an outside crop advisor to take growers’ field data and make recommendations and prescriptions that the dealers can then load for their growers.

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