John Deere offers new, wider tracks for combines operating in tough field conditions

When it rains it pours. Or at least that’s what it’s seemed like to many growers in the Southeast and Mid-South this year. As they prepare to harvest what could be wet fields, farmers have been asking their equipment dealers what they could do to help get their crops out on time. For its part, John Deere is offering new 36-inch tracks that could help in such conditions when they become available.

The new tracks are designed with a high idler configuration that will help increase flotation, reduce the turning radius on the tracked vehicles and help smooth the ride, says John Deere’s Kim Cramer. Cramer, a presenter at Deere’s product introduction in Columbus, Ohio, said the tracks will be available as an option for Deere’s S-Series Combines, beginning in 2014.

If a grower has a properly equipped combine with a Tier 4-compliant engine, he can probably remove the wheels and install tracks on the combine in six to seven hours, he says, noting that Deere dealers from the Southeast have been asking about such a changeover to help their growers with this fall’s harvest.

Another enhancement for the S-Series lineup will be the Interactive Combine Adjustment or ICA in base equipment which automates combine settings while harvesting on the go. “This simplifies overall operator adjustment and brings more consistency and accuracy when harvesting in varying field conditions,” a Deere spokesman said.

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