Equipment Forum: Lindsay introduces Medium Clearance Tower

In response to the growing popularity of genetically-enhanced corn, Lindsay Corporation has introduced the industry’s first Medium Clearance Tower.

High-yielding corn hybrids stand taller and stronger in the fields, impacting how the crop is irrigated. Some of this tall corn has been damaged as it drags on the truss structure of standard clearance towers and some pivots have also been damaged by the stronger stalks.

Lindsay’s new Medium Clearance Tower clears 11 feet, two inches — nearly 2 feet taller than standard towers — reducing the risk of damage to both the corn plant and the tower itself.

Hilly terrain can also be an issue. As corn prices continue to put more land into production, fields that have hills or uneven ground will be planted, requiring a higher span clearance as the pivot circles through these areas.

Lynn Binder farms corn and soybeans in Table Rock, Neb. The new corn hybrids, like Bt corn, were putting a strain on his center pivots.

“These hybrids are a whole lot tougher,” he says. “Even when they’re green, they don’t bend as easily as other corn. And when you have 32,000 plants dragging up against a span, you’ll have tracking problems, or it will go down.”

Now that Binder has installed the Medium Clearance Tower, he says “it works wonderfully.” And adds that “even if you’re on perfectly flat ground and you have tall corn, you need this.”

The Zimmatic center pivot product line offers a wide range of tower structure heights to meet growers’ needs.

For more information on the Medium Clearance Tower or any other Lindsay product, contact your local dealer, visit or call 1-800-829-5300.

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