EPA approves Regent for Southeast corn

Representatives of the New Jersey-based BASF said the approval is good news to corn growers looking for early season pest control and higher yields in those southeastern states.

“Regent gives corn growers in the Southeast proven, broad-spectrum pest control, with the flexibility of mixing Regent with liquid pop-up fertilizers to provide their crop with a solid foundation,” said Neil Bentley, BASF corn insecticide market manager.

Regent is a soil insecticide that offers complete corn protection, controlling pests like southern, western and northern corn rootworm, wireworm and early-season European corn borer. In addition, Regent controls a number of secondary corn pests, including common stalk borer, seed corn maggot, seed corn beetle, chinch bug grubs and thrips.

“The complete corn protection of Regent, especially when used in conjunction with a liquid fertilizer, builds a solid foundation for the entire growing season by increasing seedling plant vigor and stand establishment, resulting in a higher yield potential for your crop,” said Chandler Mazour, BASF technical market manager. “Additionally, the systemic power of Regent helps protect corn longer into the season, resulting in healthier plants.“

With sales of 3 billion euros in 2002, BASF’s Agricultural Products division, headquartered in Mount Olive, N.J., is a leading supplier and marketer of fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Based on its broad experience in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales, the vision of BASF’s Agricultural Products division is to be the world’s leading innovator, optimizing agricultural production, improving nutrition, and thus enhancing the quality of life for a growing world population. Further information on BASF Agricultural Products can be found on the web at www.agproducts.basf.com.

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