Encapsulation process innovative

There's more to farming nowadays than meets the eye. Formulation chemists at ag companies are delving to the molecular level to improve the performance and handling of crop protection products. This sophisticated science helps farmers produce top yields, quality and profits.

A recent innovation, Warrior insecticide with Zeon technology, employs a unique encapsulation process that offers farmers an edge in the battle against foliar insects in corn, alfalfa, wheat, soybeans, sunflowers, sorghum and various vegetable crops.

The active ingredient of Warrior is concentrated in tiny, quick-release capsules suspended in a water-based formulation. The capsules are about three microns in diameter — about one-thirtieth the diameter of a human hair.

The insecticide is released from the capsules onto the target almost immediately after the product is sprayed.

The science behind Zeon technology is in the capsule wall that is specially designed to provide quick release of the active ingredient after application.

Once the capsule is deposited on the target, the membrane allows for rapid diffusion of the active ingredient — like a microscopic mesh.

The unique capsules deliver fast knockdown along with strong target adhesion, rainfastness and UV protection to provide longer residual activity. The ultimate results are reduced cost, better crop yield and quality, and higher profits for the farmer.

“Warrior with Zeon technology delivers quick knockdown of insects just like emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations, but provides even better overall control because of improved residual activity,” explains Roy Boykin, insecticides technical brand manager for Syngenta.

In addition, there's added protection provided by the capsule wall as a barrier between the active ingredient and the handler.

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