Edisto bull test sale scheduled Oct. 13

For the 24th year Clemson University’s Edisto Forage Bull Test Sale will offer outstanding herd sires to beef producers.

Sixty bulls will be auctioned off Oct. 13 at the Edisto Research and Education Center at Blackville, S.C., beginning at 12:30 p.m., according to Larry Olson, Extension beef specialist and test coordinator.

“We won’t be under the big top this year,” said Olson. The first 23 sales were held under a large tent. This year’s sale will be the first in a new 4,320 square foot facility.

“The new building will save us time and money during each future sale and let us better deal with inclement weather,” said Olson. “It would not have been possible without the support of South Carolina beef producers.”

This year’s group of prospective herd sires will include 45 Angus, 5 Gelbvieh, 4 Balancers, 4 Polled Hereford, and 1 each Red Angus and Simmental. The test began with 78 bulls in November of 2006. Sixteen were weeded out for poor performance, disposition, muscling and subpar breeding potential standards. Two bulls were taken home for the owner’s use.

Olson said that both purebred breeders and commercial cow-calf producers will find sires at Edisto to meet their needs. He said the commercial bulls should sire the medium to large minus frame crossbred calves which will weigh 600 pounds and more at 7-8 months of age, as well as good replacement heifers.

“That’s the type of calf cattle feeders are looking for,” he said. “They bring the top prices and will make a profit every year.”

Bulls are fed under on-farm conditions — primarily with forages and a bulk, commodity-based test ration.

Edisto REC is three miles northwest of Blackville in Barnwell County on U.S. Highway 78.

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