East Georgia cotton hit by early drought, late rains

While the adverse weather conditions have affected the vast majority of the Georgia cotton crop, east Georgia was hit particularly hard. The lingering drought once again hindered boll set and overall plant growth, especially in dryland fields.

September and October rains, which provided the potential for a late-crop, were also accompanied by cool temperatures and prolonged periods of cloudy weather. These weather conditions caused excessive regrowth, which shaded the bottom portion of the canopy.

This shading did not allow lower bolls to dry and led to boll rot and hard-locking. In addition, the overcast conditions with cool temperatures prevented the later-set bolls from developing.

Thus, a rotted bottom crop and an immature top crop typified many dryland fields. This situation was most pronounced in the Emanuel and Burke county areas. In Burke county Richard McDaniel estimates that approximately 20,000 acres will be mowed down.

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