DMI ecolo-bed'r 2500 makes ideal combination tool

Maximizing cotton and vegetable yield potential and profit by combining the yield increasing benefits of deep tillage with the lower production costs of fewer tillage passes is now available with the new DMI ecolo-bed'r 2500.

The ecolo-bed'r 2500 is the perfect combination of deep tillage and bed building for crops in areas where bedding is essential. In a single pass, the ecolo-bed'r 2500 tackles yield-deteriorating problems, such as compaction, while laying-up consistent, even beds that can be set either peaked or rounded.

“This machine and its features were developed to create a better seedbed for the cotton producer who wants to maximize the potential of every plant,” says Kent Senf, DMI marketing manager, tillage. “The uniform soil flow throughout the ecolo-bed'r 2500 allows for better seed placement, improved seed-to-soil contact and more uniform beds and plant stands.

The ecolo-bed'r 2500 has 22-inch diameter flat coulters that operate at a uniform depth to cut and part residue and roots, which reduce residue wrapping around the shank and prevent bed blow-out. Additionally, both no-till and minimum-residue-disturbance (MRD) shanks are available. The no-till shank and its patented point offer great soil fracture while maintaining uniform soil flow and bed consistency.

The MRD shank with the patented tiger point is the ideal choice when more soil disturbance is preferred.

By shattering, compacting and re-orienting the soil aggregates with patented tiger point technology, the ecolo-bed'r 2500 creates a healthier soil profile that allows roots to explore a greater volume of soil and obtain more nutrients.

The right balance of soil (minerals and organic matter) and pore space (air and water) in the root zone also improves potential water infiltration and utilization.

The ecolo-bed'r 2500 comes equipped with a choice of either heavy-duty double-disc bedders or Lister points. The heavy-duty double-disc bedder is built to withstand the toughest conditions. The 20 inch diameter outside blades and 18 inch diameter inside blades can be adjusted to tailor the amount of soil movement and the type of bed desired.

When positioned opposed from each other, the double-disc bedders throw peaked beds; when staggered, they throw more round beds.

As an economical alternative or in sandy and abrasive soils, the ecolo-bed'r 2500 can be equipped with Lister points.

“Not only does the ecolo-bed'r 2500 provide a superior bed, but it also insures that the bed placement is in the ideal location, centered directly over the fractured compaction area,” Senf adds. “This placement helps maximize the potential of every plant.”

For additional information visit your local DMI dealer or go to the Website at

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