Crop protection subjects proliferate on the Web

EDITOR'S NOTE - Agribusiness companies are embracing World Wide Web technology to establish or update Internet Websites which provide information pertaining to a firm's products and services. While it would be next to impossible to list all ag-related Websites, the editors at Farm Press will periodically provide a general description of some of the newer ones coming on-line to give our readers an idea of what might be found at a given site. Examples follow:

- The University Info Bank, an easy-to-use online library of crop protection information from leading universities, has expanded to include information about cotton, rice, peanuts and sorghum.

The Info bank was introduced in February of this year with information primarily focused on corn and soybean crops. It is a farmer-focused alternative to large, general Internet search engines, according to Ioana Tudor, Marketing Services Coordinator with Zeneca Ag Products Inc. To use the Info Bank, growers simply type in a word (for example, a weed or insect name), or enter pest or state information using drop-down menus.

The Info Bank responds with a list of links to university articles, bulletins or studies available on-line. The list shows the title of each item, its date, its source and a brief description. Users simply click on the link to go directly to the university web page.

To use the University Info Bank, go to and click on "Search The University Info Bank."

The Zeneca Ag Products Website also contains extensive information on its products, including an easy-to-use database of labels and MSDS, free downloads of "Farm Assist" crop management software, and more.

- Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health has launched a new Website that connects the global animal health community as never before. The site is located at

A focus on country-specific and species-specific information are key features of the site. By clicking on icons at the bottom of the screen, the user can select the animal species they want. For example, if a user clicks on the beef icon, a listing appears of all topics related to beef on the site.

Another unique feature of the site is a direct link to local P&U sales representatives and technical support specialists. In the U.S., for example, a person who selects their state, county and species of interest will see who the nearest sales representative is and can send an e-mail message directly to him or her.

In addition to the main site, several new sites that focus on specific products also are now accessible. These include (in the U.S.):



Also, a site dedicated to veterinarians is at This site is password-protected and only veterinarians can access it.

- Valent U.S.A. Corporation's Professional Products Division has added e-commerce to their updated Website. The site allows Valent to deliver product directly to customers through an innovative e-commerce application. The site also provides detailed product information and selection assistance.

The site's dynamic database-driven format provides users with detailed product information relevant to their business. New to the Valent site is the Problem/Solution module that allows users to submit a specific pest or weed problem and query the database for a Valent solution.

Still available are Valent product labels, material safety data sheets (MSDS), news and information, events calendar and literature order requests.

Product detail information has been expanded.

For additional information about Valent Professional Products, visit the company's Website at

- Virtual Marketing Systems Inc., has introduced, a publishing forum for all components of the food and fiber chain.

The Internet publishing application allows researchers, commodity organizations, trade media, and industry to publish pertinent information relating to the production, processing and the marketing and distribution logistics of food products.

In addition to allowing the self-publishing of news releases, action bulletins, research papers, policy analysis, etc., the database contains links to other related databases. The structure of the site will be an asset to all who study, produce, process and market value-added food products.

The Knowledge Database Library can be accessed on the Web at,,,,,,,, and

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