Cotton's Dirty Laundry Tour visiting college campuses

Cotton Incorporated has devised a very unique and creative program to endear young consumers to cotton. It’s called “Cotton’s Dirty Laundry Tour” and it’s making its way to select college campuses all across the country.

Cotton’s Dirty Laundry Tour will visit a total of 10 college campuses this fall. The tour will be on the University of Alabama campus on Oct. 11.

This multi-platform program will educate young men and women on buying and caring for their clothing and decorating their dorm rooms while maintaining an active, independent lifestyle.

The goal of the tour is to establish a link to cotton as these young adults begin to experience life away from their parents and all the freedom and responsibility that it entails. Jack Morton Worldwide, a leader and expert in experiential marketing will assist in bringing a dynamic cotton brand experience to the college campuses.

The events will literally be a mobile marketing festival that will heighten awareness and exposure to cotton among college students.

The Cotton’s Dirty Laundry Tour’s official Web site is

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